Materials & Tools
  • C Lon beading cord 25"/65cm x 6 (add 10"/25cm to the lengths if you want the earrings to have a front and back knotted sides. See the section: Two options to finish)
  • 10 mm glass or crystal pearls x 2
  • metal eyepins x 2
  • 6mm split rings x 2
  • Size 8 metal seed bead x 4
  • hook ear wires x 2
  • Fabric glue such as Aleene’s Fusion Fabric
  • Board
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Round nose pliers


Knotting the Leaves

  1. Take one cord  and folding it in half, mount it on one of the rings with a lark’s head knot. 
  2. Mount two cords on one end of the cord that was previously mounted using lark’s head knot with half hitch knot. 
  3. Number the cords from 1 to 6 and take cord # 1 as the holding cord to make a row of double half hitch knots using all of the cords that are on the right. 
  4. Repeat the previous step 5 more times, for a total of seven rows of double half hitch knots (the mounting row included). 
  5. Now knot in the opposite direction. For this, renumber the threads and using cord # 6 as the holding cord, make a series of double half hitch knots to the left. Repeat 6 more times.
  6. Fold the piece, shaping the leaf by joining the first row with the last row. Take the holding cord from the last row and tie it to the ring with a lark’s head knot. 

Two Options to Finish the Earrings
  1. If you want the earrings look exactly alike on both the front and back, repeat the previous steps to form another leaf - after securing the loose ends of the cords through the back - glue them together using fabric glue. 
  2. But if you want to finish earrings with a single face, be very sure  that the thread that was tied to the ring in Step 6 is secure as well as the other cords on the back of the work.

Adding the Beads
  1. In one of the metal eyepins, insert a metal seed bead, a pearl and then another seed bead.
  2. Using round nose pliers, make a loop on the other end of the eyepin. On one of the loops, insert the leaf with the ring and on the other loop, insert the hook ear wire.


  1. Thank you for the Great Tutorial. I can't wait to make these!

  2. Thank you Raquel, I will try it fore sure. Well done

  3. Muy buen tutorial y unos pendientes que son una preciosidad, !muchas gracias artistaaa!!!

  4. muy buen tutorial, los pendientes son una preciosidad, !!muchas gracias artistaaa!!